Toyota Vios Review

The Toyota Vios was introduced in 2003 specifically for the auto markets of South Asia, China and Taiwan and competes directly with cars such as Honda City and Hyundai Sonata. The Vios was originally a Toyota Soluna replacement and a 4-door mini sedan with a short front end, the car features a 1.5-liter power plant. Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, although Vios is also offered in a smaller 1.3-liter variant in the Philippines and Singapore.

The first model of Toyota Vios based on the old Toyota Platz platform, but with a brand new body to create a unique and modern appearance, with design specifications taken by Toyota Corolla E120. The 2006 model from Vios has presented cosmetic changes, including front grille and bumpers, head and tail lights as well as sports rims and skirting boards. A special turbo version of the first Vios generation was launched specifically for the Thailand market with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with one intercooler. This special model has generated much more power than the standard Vios and has been imported into gray markets and formerly in other countries for those who are interested feel feels a Toyota approved version approved by Toyota Vios every day. Since its introduction, Vios has proved to be a popular bestseller on a broad segment of the market that culminated in its 2009 vote for the Southeast Asia region.

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The new Toyota Vios was introduced in 2007, essentially a Toyota Rectified Belta product specifically for Toyota Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand. The new Vios is assembled in two production facilities of Toyota, one in Thailand and one in the Philippines. The current Vios has a design specially designed to maximize comfort, safety and handling with many improvements to the car’s interior features. The latest Toyota Vios has a longer wheelbase of 2550 mm, the total weight is slightly superior to 1045 kg, the power is still the reliable F1NZ engine of the previous model’s tooth. Oddly enough, the extra weight means that the old Vios is a little faster than the new Vios which can increase the value of the old cars in the secondary market. Inside the new car, the dashboard follows a model identical to that of Toyota Yaris which can return those who do not like its position at mid-height, the storage space is largely larger than the original and the body panels have changed to make the new Vios visually more modern and aerodynamic.

The great success of Toyota Vios in terms of sales success made it possible to manufacture Toyota Vios locally against the CKD kits and to meet them at Toyota Malaysia. The new Toyota cars manufactured in Malaysia contain at least 60% local parts and will be sold at a price lower than that of the CKD cars. The unofficial production volume for the local Toyota VIOS is estimated at 1500 to 2000 cars per month depending on market demand.

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