Some to Consider Before Ordering Your Wedding Cards

wedding card
Wedding is a very special moment in your life and everyone wants to make special so that it can be remembered even after 50 years of life. All the settings monitored by family members that take into account the fact that the big day once in a lifetime.Hindu wedding full color, decoration, music, danceprizes and fun. In addition, thanks to the parents and the parents shower on Wedding couples to better the future of marriage and their lives. Invitation card is one of the factors that are important because they send a strong message about the big day to guests before they really. As a result, there are some points that need to be memorized before ordering the invitation card.


1. prepare the guest list


The first thing you need to do is complete the number of guests invited to the wedding and preparing lists well in advance so that there is no agitation last moment. The list must be made 3-4 months before the day of the wedding invitation card so that it can be ordered as required. Also, order a few extra cards just to be safe on the side in case of scarcity for the same thing.


2. complete the budget


Some settings must be done before the start of the main event, such as a Reserve place, decorator, a musical group, suppliers and delivery of invitation cards. So the specific budget allocations for each category to be important and are also desirable. Determine a budget for a wedding card will be the next step so that everything can be achieved without exceeding the limits of the budget allocated.


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3. the card selection process


Depending on the budget allocated, the next step you will decide on color, design, style, material for wedding cards. Let’s say, for example, if the guest should come is1000, then maybe a low cost card will be worth it, but if the number of guests is about 400-500, then you can go into the design of the highest card. You can look out for an online or offline design agency that can guide you through the entire selection process, helping you select the best choice according to your budget.


4. decide on the contents of the card


After choosing the design and color of the card, write the content in the map. The front of the cardboard would say the date of marriage and the names of the bride and groom on a bold character. In addition, internal content will include details of functions with their seats each and the timing and details of the two families.


5. place the control


After completing all the above steps, the final step is to place the order for your wedding card. Orders must be placed before the main day so early sample card checkscan be made to check for errors.

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