Part of BMW E36 Performance

BMW E36 on the first modern performance sedan with some pioneer and engineering technology around. Of the 318ti E36 M3 to the E36 chassis, known as the base ofstrained and ideal for many parts of BMW E36 performance.


BMW E36 Overload kit


Online BMW engine 6 was a great athelete of the factory, but the addition of overloader can turn them into a ridiculously strong.


Active Werke prove unparalleled execution of the E36 overloaded cars for over 20 years now. Zms an excess level 1 E36 kit improves engine 225hp E36 M3 is not modified at 360 bhp in just 7.0 psi. This fantastic Kit overloading full E36 performance increase to a new level. This is the option if you want to change your standard E36 into a monster breathing fire.


BMW E36 Intake Systems


If you stick to the installation that naturally vacuumed, AFE intake system for E36 will maximize airflow over the system‘s acceptance of strict factory. Available with s pro dry or Pro 5R oiled filter that will last the life of the car, this is an ideal solution for making the car more responsive without breaking the bank.


BMW E36 Exhaust system


The active part of the line boost Werke performance E36 E36 E36 exhaust with headers. This is a perfect complement to AFE input to improve the voice and maximize throughput on each vehicle E36. Active Werke built systems with stainless steel construction and some of the best available techniques in replacing parts BMW community. Read also 2017 bmw i8


Braking system BMW E36


Factory good braking system but not perfect. There are a variety of BMW E36 brake upgrade available that will increase response and reduce fading. Stop tech BMW repair offers high performance rotors and ceramic composite accessories to complement. The brake is ideal for inventory updates that will produce a more efficient braking system for the use of roads or runways.


For the best E36 performance braking options, you have to go with a big brake kit.Tinted, and Stop tech rotors all manufacturers of high performance race spec brake kits that will change the appearance and performance of Your E36. This is a high-caliber breed and rotors that are fused together to give a last stop in the experience


BMW E36 Tune Software


Active Werke offers solutions for definitive software upgrades. This one and the adjustable ECU melodies created by vehicles and can be customized for specific modifications in your car. If you are building a spec vehicle tracks or looking to improve the response system of the factory ECU, the air active Werke is a software solution to improve performance.


BMW E36 pendant


You can increase the suspension BMW with master or spring and shock updates. HE36  R Cup Kit is the replacement of the spring and shock are ideal for the car results in lower rounds and better handling, keeping the comfort of everyday. Master bid high adjustable riding and, in some cases, jumping to write in the proper settings you need. AMO kw v2 or Bil stein PSS9s is highest choice to provide a high reboundand adapt to the streets or track settings. With this simple upgrade, you can change Your E36 m3 into a road warrior.

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