MD-600N helicopter


MD-600N helicopter, built by MD helicopters, is an eight-passenger, light and utilitarian. MD-600N first flew in January 1995 and entered production in April 1995. Certification obtained in May 1997 and deliveries to customers first begins next month …

MD-600N can be used for a number of different missions. The rule of law, the Charter, visit and business services.

MD-600N is powered by FADEC (full authority digital motor control) equipped, Rolls Royce 250-C47M motor nominal motor to 600 pch (axis power). It has a six-blade main rotor diameter is 27ft 6. It can operate efficiently in the hot and high conditions, which increase the density altitude makes the other boats are less efficient.

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Md600n also uses a patented system of Notarial Boeing a quieter and safer than a conventional tail rotor. Notary system replacing the rotor tail with blower variable step. Notary system safe for the employees who work in the vicinity of the helicopter during ground operations and safer for the crew during flight operations. Tail rotor strike was no longer a concern and a helicopter equipped with a notary public who worked with the US Army usually put the whole tail growth at the top of a tree to better mask the presence of the helicopter. In addition, removal of the tail rotor Educes the amount of vibration in the components and chassis that reduces maintenance needed and reduce passenger and pilot fatigue. Notary system was also very quiet and was promoted by law enforcement.

Client’s early release from MD-600N is a helicopter tour operator at the Grand Canyon. The next delivery including the U.S. border patrol, which uses them to drug interdiction and border security, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and several other civil and private operators.

MD-600N flown by pilots and capable of carrying 7 people. It has a maximum speed of 175 mph and a maximum range of miles 266

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