Kitchen Design Layout

The perfect arrangement

Kitchen design is very subjective, so the layout can be perfect for one another can be disastrous. This is mainly because people like, and the way in work habits, styles are very different. Thus, the provisions of the kitchen should be done in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the main user space, which has certain ideas about how he would like to be your workspace. but from the perspective of this subjective, there are some steps you need to follow when designing a kitchen or plan your layout. Here are the steps-

Steps in installing kitchen design

Follow these simple steps to get Your kitchen space rightly utilized with the desired look-

1. measure your kitchen in a detailed way, the position of the doors, Windows, electrical points, drains and sinks etc.

2. as a hindrance to the kitchen area in three storage rooms, kitchen, and cleaning. Go and plan space, keep these three aspects in mind.

3. Make a list of your device will tend to use in the kitchen, and provide space for them according to their dimensions.

Remember these three points and then design your kitchen in the appropriate style according to your taste. Here are some stereotypical kitchen design pattern that is used-


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Kitchen design-pattern types

Here is a diagram of the basic four kitchens that are usually followed when designing the kitchen-

1. aisle layout-this is intended for a narrow kitchen, where there are two lines of siding. One for storage and the other for cleaning and baking. Make sure that there is a minimum 1200 mm between the two lines.

2. L-shaped layout is a layout, where the diagonal lines from each other, form an L shape. It’s got a kitchen work in a corner, giving plenty of room to move.

3Layout U-shaped-it’s the best choice for a small kitchen and very comfortable as well.

4. the console layout – this in one hand is destined to the large kitchen. Here is a total different furniture box units, when L-shaped line destined to sink and storage purposes.

These are the different ways that you can plan the layout of your kitchen, and also make changes and change, depending on your preference.

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