How To Choose Electric RC Air Plane

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Where you can fly? You want a large field. Make sure it’s largely free of trees, wires and people. You don’t want the barrier.


The selection of the aircraft. To select the size of your plane, consider these points. The larger the aircraft you are, the more area you need to fly except for a too bright.Good sized aircraft to size baseball field area is approximately 28 wingspan, goodweight is less than 14 oz fly weight.” You want a plane that has enough energy to loop or at least maneuver easily without scrolling. This is called the tent tipped. This is when you speed rounds or by aircraft capacity.


Light aircraft have low-speed. Light weight good, except in the wind over 10 mph. check the location of the weather clock wind, usually morning or night flights are better because the winds are usually light.


Landers is a good choice for a beginner, but I will remove it. You will find when you fly on my trees will only guarantee the landing speed is arrested and makes it very difficult to remove it to the shaft.


If you want to build your first aircraft to build a simple kit that is in expensive but proven. I learned in the wings of the foam of the Delta. This is not the best option, but Ifound out later that I could buy Moss from the center of the large Fountain House and make my own delta aircraft easily.


Pay attention to the balance point your plane also known as the CG“. If the nose ofyour plane is too heavy, it will always want to fly on the ground. When the tail is too heavy, it will be more oriented towards control over top to bottom or porpoise.


The plan of the foam is a good choice; They will take the abuse and can be remembered with the safe foam glue or a selection of my favorite, hot glue.


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Brushless Motor gives you approximately 2 x the power sweep heavy machine of the same type and can be roughly the same price. You must use brushless ESC (electronic speed controller) with a brushless motor.


Lithium is also half the weight was technid, but should be respected in maintenance and charging because it can cause a fire. They are usually safe, but of mistakes can cause big problems.


Lithium boots are required to charge the lithium battery and it can cost you a few bucks, but it was a good investment.

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