How to Choose Accessories for the Wedding Gown

Accessories for the Wedding Gown
Dress Sashes


Ribbon and colored strap can be added to size a wedding dress or around the shoulder. The choice of colors can compliment the bridesmaids dresses can be exactly the same color. men’s belts or vests can also combine color scheme.


Scarf dresses perfect for women who want a splash of color but they don’t want to deviate from the traditional white clothes. Belt allows you more freedom of choice to move in a more modern era, but at the same time allows you to keep old traditions alive.




Gem will depend on the preferences of the bride in terms of how much he would like to use or as little as possible. For women who use little or no jewelry regularly, it can keep it simple by using only the earrings and necklaces or strings of beads.


Another area that will determine what kind of jewelry is the neck of the dress. Highcollar dress which limits the types of jewelry and can become very complicated for any type of necklace. On the other hand, low-cut dresses or round neck that may besuitable for most jewelry with many threads or trinkets.


Tiara, Veil, wig


The bride may choose a tiara for her and her flower girl. When choosing a tiara, it is better to fix your hair the same way practical will your wedding day. Keep your hairdown while you try tiaras would fit a small tiara later on the day of your wedding if your hair, you will have problems. Some have a small tiara comb attached to assist his wife with fine hair. The comb will help keep your hair in place. Another tiara sat at the Crown of the head.


Candles are usually in five lengths. The length of the shoulder or blush candles for civil ceremonies, as the equipment used is usually not as elaborate as a wedding dress. Elbow length candles look great with dresses that there has been a train.Fingertip-length candles are perfect for most full length gown, except those who will train. The length of the Chapel, which is basically just touching the ground. And Cathedral length candles best reserved for formal wedding with the bride wearing a long train. Candles usually extends to the end of the train.


Tiara, veil and wig are chosen not only by the preference of the bride, but also in a way that is seen in a dress. Ornament must be detrimental to dresses. It should flownaturally and look like it is part of the whole. The helmet should fit well with the outfit. If the dress is decorated with the Bill, the dresses might seem out of place with the other kinds of precious stones. Also, the headphones should be selected as if it were a piece of jewelry. The stones are all the parts have to greet each other.

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