Avoid These 5 foods That are Not Healthy as You Think They Are

There are several “healthy foods that aren’t good for you as You can think of. Foodmanufacturers are announce these products as effective to provide plenty of nutrients, helps you lose weight, keep your mind sharp, and offers the benefits of physical and mental health of the other. Unfortunately, it’s All a publicity stunt in the world does not change the chemical composition of food products.


If something is not healthy for you, it’s just not healthy. Avoid these 5 foods that are not healthy as you think they are, and mind and body fitness efforts get the urge.


1-snack bar and bar proteins with a high fiber content


The key here is to read the label. There are a couple of energy bars, protein bars and high-fiber snack bar which is very good for you. Start reading food labels. Find the ones that do not contain added sugar, saltflavor and a long list of ingredients thatend up in ITE,-ate andOse.


You don’t have to eat a full day the value of fiber, about 25 g, in a snack bar, because this might have a negative effect on your digestive system, if you are not eating fibre throughout the day.


2-low fat foods


I’m sure there is some greasy food that you like very much. They taste delicious, isn’t it? Well, thought for a second. If the fat is removed, and fat provide superb taste,where the taste of come? In most cases, the answer is a very high dose of sugar is not healthy and smooth. Your body needs healthy fats in moderation, which means enjoying guacamole or humus instead of fat-free food products.


3-Orange juice


Did you know it can take up to 5 to 7 Orange to make one glass of orange juice? Unfortunately, when you drink the juice you get all the calories from all the oranges in drinks! That’s because even 100% juice filled with jam with tons of calories.


The natural sugar in all this citrus can also lead to peaks in blood sugar. Natural fruitsugar (fructose) which gives much fruit dupes sweet flavor You get your body weight allowing it to accomplish when you are full. Avoid grapefruit juice and drink a glass of water instead.


4“health” drinks


There are many drinks touting health properties. If they have more than 3 ingredients, you may have to ignore them. No matter how disguised, and manufacturers of very good disguise empty calories and simple carbohydrates such as sugar, if there isa long list of ingredients, healthiest drink You might be something, but …


5-shopbought bread vegetables


When you make bread and black bean veggie burgers on your own, you know what you put in your body. Unfortunately, many frozen and processed bread vegetables you find in the frozen food section of your local supermarket has more material and fastener of healthy vegetables. Many of the so-called healthy vegetable breads are also very high in sodium and sugar.

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