Airbus A300 Review

Airbus A300
The first Airbus A300 with two big aircraftengine with a capacity of 250 seats were introduced in 1974. Airbus has been designed using advanced technology. As a start, Airbus used two Rolls Royce engines from the RB207. The diameter of the Airbus A300 5.64 m and can accommodate 6 seats per row in first class, 7 seats in Executive class and line 8 line seats in economy class. The first Airbus can also bring 20 cargo containers. The first flight of the Airbus was held on 23 May 1974 and was the firstAirbus routes between Paris and London. At first, Airbus can fly only the next project 2970 km. increase capacity 4825 km and the seats also increased to 270 seats.


Today, Airbus is considered one of the most popular plane among passengers plan.You can easily find comfortable seating for yourself at Airbus. There are good seatsavailable in economy class; You can guarantee one, because you know where they are on the Airbus. Economy class seats behind the count will have more space. This Chair will also provide you with more privacy because only the bulkhead in front of you. The only downside was that the Chair table tray positioned on the arm. Seats near emergency exit will also have more space. But if you have children, she will not besuitable for you because children under 15 are not allowed to be seated near the exit for security reasons. The first seats in economy class will also have more space, buthere again the hassle is that you can get a storage room air only. Read Learjet 35


There are plenty of aisle and window seats available on Airbus. If you want to sit in a Chair window does not select seats near emergency exits because windows near the emergency exit is not present. Five bathroom available on big Airbus. Bath positioned between first class and economy class, two bathrooms provided in economy classand two other bathrooms are behind.


Airbus also designed several aircraft types. 300-600 is a version of the Airbus that can be easily converted into a freighter aircraft or passengers. A300-600f is a popularversion is specifically designed to carry only cargo and passengers do not. To facilitate fast loading of cargo, Airbus was designed to have two doors. The ability of European producers have proven to the world by their first Airbus A300 project. Today, the company manufactures Airbus is the best selling company in the world. One Airbus flight and you‘ll know why they are so famous in the world.

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